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Afterpay  ROQQIO Australia Partner


Buy Now Pay Later Intergation Partner

ROQQIO Solutions has been an integration partner of Afterpay for over 3 years. Many retailers who use our solutions also opt to integrate with the now world-famous Buy Now Pay Later provider.

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AliPay ROQQIO Australia Partner


Payments Provider

The hugely popular China based payment provider known for its customer loyalty. ROQQIO Australia has direct integration to their payment solutions in multiple payment modes.

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Amazon Web Services ROQQIO Australia Partner

Amazon Web Services

Hosting & Application Management Services

Amazon Web Services is a global leading cloud services provider. ROQQIO Australia uses them exclusively for cloud solutions for managed clients, testing and development services. 

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Avalara ROQQIO Australia Partner


US Sales Tax Compliance

Avalara is a leading provider of US Sales Tax at-the-time-of-sale tax calculation, tax compliance and tax payment services. Fully integrated with ROQQIO's product suite for continued expansion of your retailer in the US or launch.

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Givex ROQQIO Australia Partner


Gift Cards & Loyalty

The most sought after and reputable supplier of gift card and loyalty solutions in Australia. Givex solutions integrate directly with ROQQIO Australia.

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Goodson ROQQIO Australia Partner

Goodson Imports

Hardware Supply & Services

Australia's leading importer of hardened retail information technology hardware. A long-standing provider of quality equipment with strong after sale support and service offerings. Goodson are our strategic hardware provider and we have a very long-term relationship with them.

"Since 2004, Goodson Imports has proudly supplied Futura, now Roqqio, our Point of Sale, Stock Control and Digital Signage technology combined with our deployment and onsite services.

Together we form a strategic relationship to deliver their brilliant software solutions with our leading brands of hardware for the ever changing needs of the Australian retail landscape.

The Futura team, now Roqqio, are a pleasure to deal with and we highly recommend their products and services"

- Robert Standley (Goodson Imports)

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Humm ROQQIO Australia Partner


Payments Provider

A popular participant in the buy-now and pay-later payment category. It is directly integrated into ROQQIO Australia.

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Laybuy ROQQIO Australia PartnerROQQIO.png

Payments Provider

Similar to that of Afterpay, Humm & Zip, provides an alternative for retailers to reach a wider customer base.

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Microsoft ROQQIO Australia Partner.jpg


Application Management

Microsoft is a well known and eminent systems software provider. Used exclusively by ROQQIO Australia for application development hosting and testing.

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Linkly PCEFTPOS ROQQIO Australia Partner


Payments Provider

A well established and popular payment provider now with a modern cloud-based solution. Directly integrated with ROQQIO and in use with long term clients. 

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peoplevox ROQQIO Australia Partner

PeopleVox (Descartes)

Warehouse Management

Well established cloud warehouse management system provider with direct packaged integration to ROQQIO.

"With the integration first launched in 2014 for 'This is It', a UK omni-channel retailer, Peoplevox and Roqqio have a 7+ year working relationship with a variety of merchants harnessing seamless connectivity between retail, inventory and warehouse management solutions. Together the systems provide retailers with live stock visibility across their retail stores and warehouses, alongside fast and accurate fulfilment for e-commerce orders."

- Nicholas Yule (PeopleVox)

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mx51 ROQQIO Australia Partner

Presto (mx51)

Payments Provider

The latest payment solution from Westpac tech incubator mx51. It offers a faster, more reliable, and more stable payment for Westpac customers.

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QUEST ROQQIO Australia Partner

Quest Payment Systems

Payments Provider

A well known and independent payment provider with a popular cloud-based solution. Directly integrated with ROQQIO and in use with long term clients.

"Quest and Roqqio have enjoyed a productive relationship since first integrating our systems in 2002 when Futura interfaced its POS platform to Quest’s traditional Windows-based middleware, EftposPlus. Over the years, a number of retailers such as Universal Store, Haighs Chocolates and Politix have used our systems in conjunction with each other to great effect. In February 2019, Futura integrated to Quest’s modern Cloud EFTPOS platform allowing merchants to enjoy an innovative, centralised payments ecosystem with bank-agnostic technology. Quest looks forward to many more years of successful retail installations with Roqqio customers."

- Adam Reed (Quest)

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ROQQIO Germany ROQQIO Australia Partner

ROQQIO Commerce Solutions GmbH

Retail Management Software

Europe's leading provider of retail and eCommerce solutions. They are our most important and longest standing partner.

ROQQIO (formerly known as Futura Retail Solutions) powers tens of billions of dollars of transactions around the world every year. 

ROQQIO has a full product suite of software solutions that range from fulfilment, procurement, merchandise management, loyalty programs, mobile applications and eCommerce integrations. They have been in operation for over 45 years, and show no signs of slowing down.

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Skyzer ROQQIO Australia Partner

Skyzer NZ

Payments Provider NZ

A well established Australia and New Zealand payments provider suited for businesses operating in both territories. Direct integration with ROQQIO and certified in both territories. 

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Slyp ROQQIO Australia Partner


Loyalty Programs

Smart receipts enables customers to pay with their bank card and automatically receive an itemised tax receipt inside their banking application. 

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Tyro ROQQIO Australia Partner


Payments Provider

Well backed payments provider with a solid platform that is keen to go to market. Direct integration with ROQQIO that is proven and certified. 

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Windcave ROQQIO Australia Partner


Payments Provider

A new Australia and New Zealand payment provider suited for businesses operating in both territories. Direct integration with ROQQIO and certified in both territories. 

"Windcave and Roqqio have formed a formidable partnership to bring you the latest end-to end Eftpos payment solutions empowering your store with more payments options and robust payment terminals giving you peace of mind and helping you focus on growing your revenue."

- Anthony Chauhoud (WindCave)

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